Book Writing

Around the early fifties Donald de Carle’s younger son, John de Carle, had the pleasure of meeting the founder of the Rolex Watch Company, Hans Wilsdorf. Out of his father’s earshot Hans Wilsdorf said to John that he should be proud of his father who was the greatest living authority on horology. When this information was conveyed to his father at a later time he said “that’s nice and I am quite a large buyer of Rolex watches”. Donald was an extremely modest man and most realistic.

It was not just Hans Wilsdorf who acknowledged Donald’s position in the horological world. Eric Bruton, one time Editor and Publisher of the Horological Journal and also publisher of many of Donald’s books said, in the obituary he wrote in the July 1989 issue of the journal “that he was, with little doubt, the widest-known horological figure of the 20th century “.

Already a contributor to the periodical, Watchmaker and Jeweller, Arthur Tremayne, the owner of NAG Press Ltd., which published the Horological Journal, approached Donald towards the end of the war and asked him to start writing a series of articles on Watch and Clock repairing for the journal.

These monthly articles were well illustrated by A E Ayres, a talented technical illustrator who was noted for his illustrations for the medical profession.

Before long the articles were gathered together and published in book form and so began collaboration between a talented technical writer and an outstanding illustrator that was to produce a large range of books over many years.



Donald de Carle 1893 – 1989 Fellow, Medallist and Councillor, and past Chairman of the British Horological Institute, Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. Freeman of the City of London, Craftsman, Inventor, Horologist and Author